Thursday, February 5, 2015

Cosplay Tutorial: The Avengers "Cosmic Cube/Tesseract"

"The Avengers" blew everybody's minds in May 2012.  Before the movie released, I went a bit crazy making Loki's costume from the film...but that's a post for a different day.
Not wanting to sit in 25 pounds of pleather and armor in the theater, I decided to wear a SHIELD Agent outfit and make prop to go along with it.  I thought the Comic Cube would be the perfect thing, and I came up with a quick, easy and cheap way to make your own very cool looking cube.
The full details of how to make the prop are outlined in the video below, but I'll detail them here as well.

The Avengers "Cosmic Cube" Prop


  • Baseball or softball display case (clear acrylic)
  • Self contained battery powered LED lights (check the floral section of Michael's)
  • Glass frosting spray
  • Wax paper, about 2 feet
  • Sand paper, the finer the better

  1. Sand the display case lightly on the inside and outside to help the frosting spray to stick to the surface
  2. Spray the case with a thin layer of the frosting spray on all sides, inside and out.  Allow to dry.
  3. Spray the top of the LED dome with the frosting spray. Allow to dry.
  4. Turn on the light and place inside approximately two feet of crumpled up wax paper.
  5. Place carefully inside the cube, close and enjoy! 

I've seen other prop makers put really interesting spins on their own Cosmic Cubes by adjusting this general construction idea.  Have fun! 


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